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Easiest way to contact is via phone or email (czr at iki removethis dot fi). You might find me on IRCNet (use /msg) and FreeNode (on ##kernel), but I've kind of dropped out from IRC since 2015. I'm also available on LinkedIn® and FaceBook, but I only connect to people who I know personally.

Current valid certs: None (yay).
Outdated certs: RHCX (inc RHCE) and MCSE:Sec (inc 7 variants, on 2000), MCT, CCNA, LPI1, HP ProCurve AIS and HPCP.

I have blog with potentially more current stuff.

As of 2010-11-15 I do not plan to update these pages. Not that I have done so in the past couple of years anyway. However, the pages will remain on ze interwebs for hysterical raisins. Also, due to switching servers, some links might point to places that no longer exist (I intentionally left out some cruft during the move, but am too lazy to fixup the links). If you run across such a link, you may imagine the stuff that was previously found the link (if you really want to acccess it, drop me a line and I'll ask the mightly /dev/urandom how to deal with it).

Image galleries (very partial)

Semi-random collection of links to content on this "site" (aka "public projects finished")

Most projects listed here were developed during 2006-2007.

Current projects (in no particular order)

All computer/networking related stuff is done using Python/C/Asm on Linux (obviously).

Projects on hold/completed non-public

These projects are still all useful/necessary/fun, but mostly they're waiting for better times or they're already complete, but I'm too lazy to make example outputs/screenshots. Most projects listed here were started/developed during 2005-2007.

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Useful kernel related links:

Long-term interests related to computing, Linux and networking